Earlier Presentations

Preventing Child and Adolescent Deaths: Resources and Partnerships
December 14, 2006

Taking Action to Keep Kids Alive: Connecting to National Resources
September 13, 2006

Improving the Investigation of Sudden and Unexplained Infant Deaths
May 16, 2006

Child Death Review: Using Data to Understand Why Children Die and Taking Action to Prevent Child Deaths
February 22, 2006

2005 National Injury Prevention and Control Conference
Wednesday, May 11, 2005

How Mortality Reviews Impact Injury Prevention and Control

This session provided an update on the expansion of mortality review initiatives across the U.S., including child and infant mortality, maternal mortality, domestic violence, occupational injuries and elder abuse reviews. The presentation provided descriptions of the review processes, the states’ review status and resources for communities interested in developing or improving review programs. The presentation included discussion about how reviews have the potential to improve injury surveillance systems and how reviews impact our understanding of certain injury classifications. The session also provided strategies to link injury research and injury prevention to the review processes to enhance the opportunities for translating review findings into injury prevention policy and practice.

Stephanie Bryn, MPH
Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health BureauPresentersTheresa Covington, MPH
National MCH Center for Child Death ReviewMary Overpeck, DrPH
Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau

Brian D Johnston, MD, MPH
Department of Pediatrics, Harborview Medical Center

Carolyn Fowler, PhD, MPH
Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Injury Research & Policy,
Baltimore County Department of Health

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2004 National Symposium on Child Fatalities
August 2004 in St. Louis, Missouri

The National Symposium on Child Fatalities: A Decade of Experience – A Future of Promise was held August 2004 in St. Louis, Missouri. The symposium showcased the value of inter-disciplinary coordination and collaboration at the local, state and national levels. Participants and presenters from 31 states, the District of Columbia and three other countries attended the meeting which was sponsored by the State Technical Assistance Team, Division of Legal Services, Missouri Department of Social Services and the National Center for Child Death Review.

Some presentations are included below. p>

Keynote Address: Why would anyone want to review the death of a child?
Coleen Kivlahan, MD
Fantus Health Center

Department of Defense
David Lloyd, JD

Overcoming Barriers of Multidisciplinary CDRs: Laws, Policies, Prosecution and Services
Douglas Patterson, MI Title V Director

Fire and Drowning Deaths
Linda Stuckey, NFPA

Forensic Pathology: The Importance of the Autopsy to CDR
Mary Schmidt Case, MD
Saint Louis University
Note: These slides were edited for web publication.

Child Abuse and Neglect Deaths
Kathryn Sapp, MO Dept. of Social Services

Child & Infant Death Scene Evaluations/Investigations
Kathleen Diebold, MA
St Louis University

Infant Sleeping Deaths
James Kemp, MD
St Louis University-School of Medicine

Converting Facts & Data to Prevention
Suzanne McCune, MO Dept. of Social Services

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2003 National Meeting of State Coordinators

A meeting planning committee of state CDR coordinators developed the conference agenda. Their goal was to plan a meeting that would provide participants with innovative solutions to potential CDR process issues, linkages to state and local resources, skills for effective reviews and examples of successful prevention initiatives implemented by CDR teams. The meeting received high marks from the attendees. Many requested that similar meetings be held in the future.

Please take a moment to review the meeting materials as they contain information useful to the CDR process.

Child Death Review: A National Picture of CDR Teams
Stephanie Bryn, HRSA, MCHB
Teri Covington, National Center for CDR

Children at Risk: Achieving Diversity and Cultural Competence in our Reviews
Dr. Aida Giachello, University of Illinois, Chicago

CDR Team Membership
Moderator: Dr. Alex Kelter, CA Dept. of Health Svcs
Discussion Leaders:
Maurine Hill, Missouri CDR
Eva Patillo, Georgia CDR

Coordination of Effective Review Meetings
Moderator: Shkeda Johnson, HRSA, MCHB
Discussion Leaders:
Gus Kolilis, Missouri CDR
Heidi Hilliard, MI CDR

Obtaining and Using Case Information
Moderator: Mary Overpeck, HRSA, MCHB
Discussion Leaders:
Vick Zittle, PA CDR
Debbie Barnes-Josiah, NE CDR

Rural, Urban and Cluster Reviews
Moderator: Chris Hanna, Children’s Safety Network
Discussion Leaders:
Marc Clement, NH CDR
Neil Hochstadt, Illinois CDR

Improving Your Odds for Prevention by Connecting your Reviews to State and Local Resources
Dr. Alex Kelter, Director, EPIC Branch, CA Dept. of Health
Doug Patterson, MI Title V MCH Director
Gus Kolilis, Director of MO STAT
Beth-Ellen Cody, National SAFE KIDS
Len Paulozzi, CDC

Moderator: Michael Durfee, ICAN-NCFR
Kathy Buckley, National FIMR
Mary Harkins-Schwarz, Women’s Death Review
Jane Paterson, MI CAPTA Review Panel

State CDR Advisory Boards: Different Approaches and Effective Outcomes
Lon Walker, Iowa CDR
Virginia Powell, Virginia CDR
Wanda Pena, Texas CDR

Lisa Millet, Oregon CDR
Len Paulozzi, CDC

Gabrielle Alcalde and Nanette Elster, University Of Louisville
Melissa Allen, Washington CDR
Lynda Meade, Michigan CDR

Taking Action to Prevent Child Deaths: the Power of the Review Process
Teri Covington, National MCH Center for CDR

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