2018 National CDR Meeting

2018 National CDR Meeting: Helping Communities Celebrate More Birthdays
May 7 – 10, 2018
Denver, Colorado

PDF of full agenda

Plenary Session

National Child Death Review Updates
Bethany Miller, LCSW-C, M.Ed.
Abby Collier, MS

Plenary Session

Reducing Burnout, Enhancing Resilience and Caring for Self/Others in Child Death Review
Richard (Rick) Wallace Klomp, MOB, MS, LPC, BCPC, Certified Clinical Traumatologist

Plenary Session

Version 5 & Data Quality: Good, Bad, or Ugly?
Erik Buczkowski, MPH
Heather Dykstra, MPA
Patricia Schnitzer, PhD
Esther Shaw, MS

Plenary Session

Grief and Bereavement Support for Fatality Review
Joyal Mulheron

Plenary Session

Using Existing Data to Build Informed Programs
Vanya Jones, PhD, MPH

Award Ceremony
Theresa M. Covington Award for Excellence in Fatality Review

State Success Stories

Multi-state slides
Arkansas: Suicide Prevention Initiatives
Delaware: CDR and CRP Collaboration to Promote Action
Massachusetts: Statewide Child Fatality Review Needs Assessment
Texas: Initiative to Increase Data Quality and Quantity in Local Child Fatality Review Teams

Breakout Session I

Effective Reviews of Natural Infant Deaths
Rosemary Fournier, RN, BSN
Robin Gruenfeld, MPH

Improving Quality of Local Reviews
Karen Nash and Amy Perry, MPT, MPH
Laurie Andrews, RN, BSN

Improving Effectiveness of State Teams
Maurine Hill
Rachel Heitmann, MS
Marc Clement, PhD

Breakout Session II

Conducting High Quality Opiate Reviews
Abby Collier
Gretchen Martin, MSW
Kelly Cunningham, MPH

The Role of Fatality Review in Suicide Prevention
Richard McKeon, PhD, MPH

Breakout Session III

Reducing Burnout, Enhancing Resilience: Strategies to Strengthen Self/Others
Rick Klomp, MOB, MS, LPC, BCPC, Certified Clinical Traumatologist

Partnering to Align MCH Priorities and Leadership for CDR
Erin Schneider, MSW
Kate Jankovsky  

Breakout Session IV:

Partnering with Native American Communities for Prevention through Fatality Review: A Panel Discussion
Kari Tutweiler
Gladys Ambrose
Jacalyn Dougherty, PhD, RN
John McPhee, BA, EMT

Effective Reviews of Maltreatment Deaths: Improving Systems to Keep Children Safe
Teri Covington, MPH
Patricia Schnitzer, PhD

Policy Advocacy for Prevention
Morag MacKay, M.Sc.
Tania Culley, Esquire, CWLS