CDR Data Publications

In February 2011, Injury Prevention issued a Special Supplement on Child Death Review, consisting of 13 articles from U.S. and international researchers about Child Death Review in the U.S. and other countries.

Scholarly Papers and Other Articles on the CDR Process Annotated Bibliography_- As of August 2017


Classification of Maltreatment-Related Mortality by Child Death Review Teams: How reliable are they?
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Risk Factors for Sleep-Related Infant Deaths in In-Home and Out-of-Home Settings
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The Sudden Death in the Young Case Registry: Collaborating to Understand and Reduce Mortality
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Dangerous Waters: Profiles of Fatal Child Drowning in the U.S. 2005-2014
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Keeping Kids Safe In and Around Water: Exploring Misconceptions that Lead to Drowning
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Death Scene Investigation and Autopsy Practices in Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths
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Crib bumpers continue to cause infant deaths: A need for a new preventive approach
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Cause-specific mortality among children and young adults with epilepsy: Results from the U.S. National Child Death Review Case Reporting System
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Child Death Review and Emergency Medical Services: Collaborating to Improve Children’s Health.
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Pediatric Suicide in the United States: Analysis of the National Child Death Case Reporting System
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Suicide in Prepubescent Children in the United States: A Descriptive Analysis of Major Characteristics and Risk Factors from the National Child Death Review Case Reporting System
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Development of a Dataset of National Cardiovascular Deaths in the Young
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Sofas and Infant Mortality
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Sleep Environment Risks for Younger and Older Infants
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Classification System for the Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Case Registry and its Application
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Abstract only.

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