FIMR Process

Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) is a community-based, action-oriented process to review fetal and infant deaths and make recommendations to spark systemic changes to prevent future similar deaths. All FIMR teams operate at the local level (usually the county) to examine medical, non-medical, and systems-related factors and circumstances contributing to fetal and infant deaths.

Among the various types of fatality reviews, the FIMR approach is unique because cases are de-identified; they may include a family interview to determine the family’s perspective on factors that may have contributed to the infant’s life and death; and many of the teams have a Community Action Team (CAT) that, after completion of the review, works to take the case review team’s recommendations to action.

The FIMR Process pages include:

FIMR Principles
Conducting Effective Review Meetings