Program Contact

Cindy Calderon, MD, FAAP
Pediatric Consultant
MCAH Division, Puerto Rico Department of Health
P.O. BOX 70184
San Juan, PR 70184
Phone: 787-765-2929 X4582
Fax: 787-294-0726

Program Description

The typical FIMR operates as a two tiered system, with a Community Review Team (CRT) and a separate Community Action Team (CAT). The CAT is often charged with taking the recommendations of the CRT and putting them into action. Does your FIMR use a two tiered system with a functioning CAT?

What is the catchment area for your FIMR program?
Other catchment area: HVP participants of all the island

What is the average number of cases reviewed by your FIMR team annually?
5 #Infant Deaths