The National Center is pleased to release the Child Death Scene Investigation Learning Series, a 10-module series touching on diverse aspects of death scene investigation (DSI), with a special focus on sudden and unexplained deaths. View a one page summary here.

The series is for interdisciplinary professionals who either conduct investigations or who use the information collected in investigations for community-level response, child death review, fetal and infant mortality review, or other important agency functions.

Continuing education credits will be available for diverse professionals, including:
• Physician AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ *
• Nurses
• Social Workers
• Certified Health Educators (CHES)
• Emergency Medical Services providers (applications pending)
*These credits are accepted by the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI)

The goal of the series is to provide interdisciplinary professionals with an understanding of:
• Best practices in child DSI
• Strategies to collect thorough death information and data
• Relevant child development and safety information
• Diverse agency responses to child deaths
• Community improvements catalyzed by examining child deaths
• Health equity implications in DSI
• Self-care for responding professionals and investigators

To access the training series, create an account at Public Learning Management System (LMS) and look for the Child Death Scene Investigation Learning Series (CFRP-DSI) Course.

Chapters and Speakers

Chapter 1: Overview of Investigations
Elizabeth Bundock, MD, PhD
Laura Crandall, PT, MA
Carri Cottengim, MA
Erich Batra, MD

Chapter 2: Introduction to Interviewing & Doll Reenactments
Amber Urban, BS

Chapter 3: Interviewing
Jo Catania, MPA, D-ABMDI

Chapter 4: Doll Reenactments
Kelly Lear, MD
Jo Catania, MPA, D-ABMDI

Chapter 5: Safe Sleep 101
Rachel Moon, MD

Chapter 6: The Role of First Responders
Jennifer Snippen, BSN, RN, MA, F-ABMDI

Chapter 7: The Role of a Multi-Agency Response
Rita Pelaggi, LCSW
Karen Grayson, LMSW
Jennifer Snippen, BSN, RN, MA, F-ABMDI

Chapter 8: Implementation and Process Improvements
Sasha Mintz, MPH
Tina Ferguson, BA

Chapter 9: Incorporating a Health Equity Lens
Felicia Clark, D-ABMDI
Kristinza Giese, MD
Lori Pro, DO
Rebecca Tarin, D-ABMDI
Rebecca Wood, D-ABMDI

Chapter 10: Self-Care for Investigators and Responders
Richard Klomp, MOB, MS, LPC, BCPC, Traumatologist