FIMR Spotlight – Utah

Perinatal Mortality Review Committee

Type of Program: Local
Jewel Maeda
Perinatal Mortality Review Coordinator
Utah Department of Health
3760 Highland Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Phone: 801-273-2868
Fax: 801-536-0483

Program Description

The typical FIMR operates as a two tiered system, with a Community Review Team (CRT) and a separate Community Action Team (CAT). The CAT is often charged with taking the recommendations of the CRT and putting them into action. Does your FIMR use a two tiered system with a functioning CAT?

Is there coordination with other death review programs?
No-Child Death Review/Child Fatality Review
Yes-Maternal Mortality Review
No-Domestic Violence Fatality Review
No-Specialized review system for CPS
No-Citizen Review Panel
No-Suicide Review Panel
No-Homicide Review Panel
No-Other SIDS review

Is there coordination with a federal Healthy Start program?
Yes, there is HS in my community but there is no coordination

What is the catchment area for your FIMR program?
Regional or multiple county reviews

What is the average number of cases reviewed by your FIMR team annually?
55 #Infant Deaths

Do the cases reviewed include a Maternal Interview?

Annual Report
Is an Annual Report produced?