FIMR Spotlight – Colorado


Type of Program: Local

Melanie Cyphers, RN
Weld Cty Dept. of Public Health & Environment
1555 N. 17th Ave.
Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: 970-400-2423
Fax: 970-304-6452

Program Description

The typical FIMR operates as a two tiered system, with a Community Review Team (CRT) and a separate Community Action Team (CAT). The CAT is often charged with taking the recommendations of the CRT and putting them into action. Does your FIMR use a two tiered system with a functioning CAT?

Is there coordination with other death review programs?
No-Child Death Review/Child Fatality Review
No-Maternal Mortality Review
No-Domestic Violence Fatality Review
No-Specialized review system for CPS
No-Citizen Review Panel
No-Suicide Review Panel
No-Homicide Review Panel
No-Other SIDS review

Is there coordination with a federal Healthy Start program?
No, there is no HS in my community or the nearby area

What is the catchment area for your FIMR program?
Reviews residents of a county

What is the average number of cases reviewed by your FIMR team annually?
5 #Stillbirths/Fetal Deaths
3 #Infant Deaths

Do the cases reviewed include a Maternal Interview?

Annual Report
Is an Annual Report produced?