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The Wyoming Child Death Review and Prevention Team was established by the Department of Family Services in December 1997, under the authority provided in the Child Protective Services Act, W.S. 14-3-201 through 14-3-215. The program is funded through the Children’s Justice Act.

A state team is mandatory.

State Team Chairperson: Brenda Burnett; Co-Chair: Jennifer Zenor

In March 1999, the team was expanded to include review of major injuries. Major injuries and fatalities are reviewed if the Department of Family Services had custody of the child. Wyoming has an exclusive focus on maltreatment cases. Currently, there is proposed legislation to expand the review process to include all child deaths and major injuries, not just abuse and neglect.

The Vision of the WYRPVT is “To eliminate child major injuries and fatalities in Wyoming.” The Mission statement is: We seek to improve Wyoming’s prevention of and responses to major injuries and fatalities of children. We make recommendations for change through prevention, intervention, training, education, legislation and public policy.”

Data collected during the review process comes from police reports, coroner’s reports, medical reports, DFS investigative reports and others. As of 2007, Wyoming is utilizing the web-based CDR Case Reporting System through the National Center for the Review and Prevention of Child Deaths.

Annual Report
An annual report is submitted to the Department of Family Services by Wyoming Citizen Review Panel.
An independent report is also created for state-wide stakeholders such as the governor’s office and human service agencies.

Wyoming has team meeting protocols in place.

Training occurs within the group every year for all members relating to various causes of child deaths and trends in serious injury in children.

Last Updated: February 2017