Services to State FIMR

Services are available via site visits, email and telephone. Contact NCFRP.

  • Technical assistance to support teams to develop, implement and sustain a prevention-focused FIMR process
  • Maintenance of the FIMR web based Data System, available to all state and local FIMR teams
  • Coming soon! HRSA is funding the Center to develop a new web-based data system that can be integrated with the current CDR web system as a comprehensive fetal, infant and child mortality case review reporting system. (Anticipated Fall of 2017)
  • Training for state and local teams
  • Strategic planning and program development for state and local teams
  • Consultation to coordinate with other reviews, including Child Death Review, Maternal Mortality Review, Domestic Violence Fatality Review, Citizen Review Panels, and others
  • Support for the network of FIMR program leaders
  • Listserv that reaches state and local FIMR leaders, coordinators, and team members
  • Linkage of FIMR programs to state and national maternal and child health programs

Minutes from Coordinator calls