The National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention (National Center) is the technical support and data center serving Child Death Review (CDR) and Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) programs throughout the United States. Learn more about our role in CDR and FIMR.

The National Center is a program of the Michigan Public Health Institute (MPHI). MPHI’s four core values drive our work. The four values are:

  • Servant leadership: We serve the growth and wellbeing of others first
  • Health Equity and Social Justice: We seek out what is unfair and remove barriers in order to achieve full health potential
  • Authentic Relationships: We engage with integrity and transparency to build trust
  • Quality and Excellence: We deliver a standard of achievement that exceeds expectations and promotes positive change

The National Center Steering Committee was established in 2005 to assist the National Center in meeting its objectives and goals. Learn more about the Steering Committee and view current members.

Our Staff

I’m Erik, and am a Project Coordinator at Michigan Public Health Institute with four years committed to child death review (CDR) work. Using federally funded grants I work with CDR teams across the US to provide epidemiological support using the National Fatality Review-Case Reporting System improving data collection and reporting for public health prevention. I have a bachelor’s in biomedical science from Central Michigan University and a master’s in public health epidemiology from Grand Valley State University. I enjoy reading and aviation.

Phone: 517-324-6061

I’m Abby, and I’m the Director of the National Center. I’ve been at the National Center for almost four years and before joining the staff at the National Center, I lead Wisconsin’s CDR and FIMR program for eight years. Although I work across all aspects of the National Center’s work, most of my time is spent providing technical assistance to states and collaborating with national partners. My education is in mental health counseling with an emphasis in working with special populations. Outside of work, I love to visit presidential libraries and hope to visit all of them.

Phone: 800-656-2434

May Darwish-Yassine

Chief Program Officer
Michigan Public Health Institute

I’m Heather, and for nearly 14 years, I have supported the National Center as a Senior Data Analyst.  My work has focused on helping states to better understand and make more effective use of the data collected during fatality reviews of infants and children in order to prevent future deaths.  A lot of my time has been to help with the management of the National Fatality Review-Case Reporting System.  I have an advanced degree in policy analysis with undergraduate work in psychology. I am an avid soccer fan, cheering on my two kids from the sidelines, and have acquired an extensive list of favorite carpooling podcasts.

Phone: 517-324-7358

I’m Meghan and I am the Director of the CDC and NIH-funded Sudden Unexpected Infant Death and Sudden Death in the Young Case Registry Data Coordinating Center. I have been with the Michigan Public Health Institute since 2011 and hold a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics and a Masters of Arts in Health and Risk Communication, both from Michigan State University. In my free time, I enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, and fishing the lakes and rivers of Michigan with my family.

Phone: 517-324-6014

I’m Krisha and I’ve been with the National Center since February 2020 as a Program Assistant. I manage the National Center social media pages, as well as provide user account support for the NFR-CRS and organizational support for the Data Dissemination Committee. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Human Biology from Michigan State University, with intent to pursue an MPH and expand my career here at the National Center. When I’m not working, I am either cooking, reading or spending time with family and friends.

Phone: 517-324-8339

I’m Rosemary, the Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) Director for the National Center.  I’ve been at the National Center for four years.  In addition to my clinical nursing background in NICU, Post-partum, home visiting, and Healthy Start, I’ve spent 13 years as the State FIMR Coordinator for Michigan and 5 years as the local FIMR coordinator in Saginaw, MI.  It is my privilege to spend most of my time providing technical assistance, support, and resources to local and state FIMR sites.  I hold a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, and outside of work I am an avid hiker.

Phone: 517-324-8378

I’m Susanna, and I’ve been with the National Center for 3 years in October 2020. Before joining the National Center staff, I coordinated a network of FIMR teams for the state of Michigan. My work focuses on providing technical assistance to both CDR and FIMR teams, as well as developing print and digital products to support fatality review programs across the country. My graduate work is in health and risk communication for diverse populations. When I’m not working, I’m likely enjoying the outdoors—either hiking, kayaking or otherwise exploring with my family, gardening, or enjoying one of my children’s outdoor sporting events.

Phone: 517-324-8375

I’m Heather, and I’m the SDY Case Registry Senior Project Manager.  I started at CNPI in the Fall of 2013 when the SDY Data Coordinating Center was awarded to CNPI/MPHI.  Prior to working with the DCC, I worked as a cardiovascular genetic counselor in various clinical and research positions.  I earned my BA in Biology from the University of Iowa (1997),  and my MS in Genetic Counseling from Northwestern University (2001).  In past lives I’ve been the Hooker for the Iowa Rugby Team and played in a basement accordion band.  My plate is currently full  being a mom with some exercise on the side.


I’m Patti and I am the data systems consultant to the National Center. I lead the data quality initiative and provide epidemiology support to Center staff. I have a PhD in epidemiology and have worked with child death review programs and data for the past 20 years. My research interests are in the epidemiology and prevention of childhood injuries, including injuries related to child abuse or neglect. In my free time I love being active outside: running, bicycling, hiking, trekking, and climbing mountains. I’m looking forward to continuing mountaineering pursuits as soon as the world heals and opens to us again.


I’m Esther, a Senior Data Analyst, and I’ve been at the National Center over a dozen years providing data support and working on upgrades to the online data entry site. My education started in social work but then I got bit by the computer bug and went back to school for a degree in information science. This job is a great fit for both of these.  My husband and I recently bought a Roadtrek so now I have to learn about its plumbing, electricity and how to drive a 20-feet long, 9 feet high vehicle. Watch out for low bridges.

Phone: 517-324-7333

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